About Me


Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting this blog as this is my first blog entry in my life, trust me, it won’t be the last.

To introduce myself, I am Ramesh (you can call me Ram, if it is difficult to pronounce it :-)), born 1972 in India. I took to programming in 1996 after realizing that Management (after successfully passing out with a MBA from Nagarjuna University, India in 1995, well nearly passed out during that process) was not my cup of tea (or pint of beer). I have learned most of my basics about computing from NIIT, Secunderabad, India during my graduation (1991-1993) days and decided that I fell in love with C++ programming and ever since been loyal to it apart from my wife.

Career Brief:

Started my career as a Marketing Executive for NashSoft (Antivirus software company) in 1995, was so bad with selling (managed to meet the sales targets for 3 months in 6 months), as I was mostly involved in resolving my customers’ issues rather than managing to sell that product, so my then manager gave me a chance to work with the Customer Support operations and in next 6 months I managed to recover data from 400+ logically crashed hard-disks and became the Best Customer Support Engineer of the company for the year 1995-1996. I still remember entering into a 5* hotel in Goa for the first time in my life and partying till late 🙂 a great sweet memory that I can never forget.

Started my programming career with Sybex (Antivirus software company) in their R&D team as a Programmer (1996-1999), developing data recovery tools and few bits on product installers apart from customer support operations. This was my first introduction to commercial programming and working with the complete software product development. Needless to say, I have enjoyed working with one of the best guys in the industry and learning quite a few things that I still try to practice in my professional life.

Worked briefly for HCL Technologies for almost 11 months, from 1999 till 2000 in embedded systems programming, customizing lottery terminals before moving over to UK in 2000 to work in one of the most fascinating stuff at Neural Technologies (Revenue Assurance systems for Telecoms and Banks using Neural Networks). I have worked for the same firm for almost 8.5 years in UK with assignments based in both India and Malaysia apart from working in UK. Made quite a few friends for life in that process.

I had to go back to India from UK in 2008 to address few domestic issues and have joined IBM, Hyderabad. Trust me this was a life-changing event. Learnt quite a few things about Information Management and life in general. Managed to meet quite a few brainy humans in the process. Worked extensively on Metadata integration and a bit on Information Analysis during this time.

Left IBM India in 2014 to return back to the UK for the sake of my kid’s education and worked for Datamine for a brief time (around 9 months), working with software solutions for mining industry, mainly porting windows applications to 64bit and creating library for common code from multiple products. I met quite a few intelligent people in a small team. Cherished most of my time there.

Joined the mother ship IBM again in UK end of October 2015. Working on DataStage product. The excitement of joining back IBM again is enormous. This is when I met all my old friends who are based in IBM India and also met quite a few interesting people with lot of technical depth that I could have never experienced without discussing all the things.

I have never taken to the idea of blogging seriously till now. After reading few inspiring blogs from fellow IBMers, I thought it is a good idea to start my own blog and  capture few interesting thoughts that could be of some use to you and also enable me to learn from your experiences apart from making few friends of my own in this  digital world across the globe.

I would love to share few thoughts about C++ Programming, IBM’s InfoSphere Information Server, Operating systems (especially Data recovery techniques) apart from few general useful things apart from making new friends (as I love interacting with people from all parts of this beautiful world to which I entered as a one-time traveler) and want to make the most of the free time I have in a positive manner.

This is a humble attempt to recap few of my experiences and share my thoughts with you all. Please do feel free to comment on this as I would love to learn from your feedback and experiences.

Once again, welcome to my version of our friendship (through this blog and possibly beyond).

Your new friend,